ICAO grants 3-year Implementation period for
English Language Proficiency requirements

In September 2007, the ICAO Assembly adopted Resolution A36-30/1. In that resolution ICAO recognised that many States have made substantial efforts to comply with the ICAO English language proficiency requirement by the applicability date of 5 March 2008 but that some States need additional time.

ICAO Assembly Resolution A36-30/1 urges States who did not comply by 5 March 2008 to post a language proficiency implementation plan on the ICAO website.

The Implementation Plan

States should develop an Implementation Plan that:

  • Assesses their progress so far;

  • Explains their plan for full compliance;

  • Posts a description of the interim measures they are taking to mitigate risk until full compliance is achieved.

In developing this Implementation Plan it is recommended that States seek expert assistance to:

  • Survey State implementation efforts made so far;

  • Review State benchmark and licensing test systems;

  • Recommend interim risk mitigation procedures;

  • Write the Implementation Plan document; and

  • Assess plan outcomes.

Aviation English Services can assist States in the development of the implementation plan – email us at info@aeservices.co.nz

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