Board of Advisors

The AES Board of Advisors includes a number of well-known experts in Aviation English testing and training as well as leaders in airline and ATS organizations:

  • Elizabeth Mathews ,
    Ms. Mathews served as Linguistic Consultant to ICAO during the development of the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements and Rating Scale. MS Mathews was instrumental in establishing and launching Aviation English Services and served as a company director and linguistic consultant to AES until 2009

  • Dr. Joan Carson,
    Associate Provost of Georgia State University, Ph.D. Linguistics, University of Chicago.

  • Mr. Robert Chatham,
    Representative to the ICAO PRICE Study Group from the FAA; Chief of Specialized Aviation Curriculum at the US Defense Language Institute.

  • Mr. Adrian Enright,
    Eurocontrol Project Leader for development of English language proficiency tests (ELPAC and PELA) for air traffic controllers.

  • Mr. Daniel Galibert,
    Representative of France to the ICAO Air Navigation Commission; President of the Air Navigation Commission during the development of the ICAO Language Proficiency requirements and member of the French Civil Aviation Authority. IATA Director, South Africa.

  • Dr. Jeremy Mell,
    Representative to the ICAO PRICESG from France; Director of the Language Section in the French National Civil Aviation Training Institute (ENAC), lead linguist on the EUROCONTROL development of the air traffic control English test, PELA.

  • Dr. Marjo Mitsutomi,
    Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics at Redlands University and Member of the ICAO PRICE Study Group from the FAA.

  • Mr. Sergey Melnichenkov,
    Member of the ICAO PRICESG from Russia. Aviation English testing and training expert with 20+ years experience in the Russian Federation.

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