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  • ALAS: Alas is a Pilot Training Organization, based in Mexico.

  • Queen Noor: Queen Noor ATC Aviation Training Organization, located in Amman, Jordan.

  • Embry-Riddle: Embry-Riddle Aviation University, based in Florida.

  • Jetway Aeronautics: Jetway Aeronatics is a Pilot Training Organization and is located in Paris, France.

  • G-TELP: G-TELP is a Language Training Institute, located in Korea.

  • Aviation Management College: Aviation Management College is a Pilot Training Organization, located in Malaysia.

  • Z-Wings Aviation Institute: Z-Wings Aviation Institute trains Japanese Pilots in New Zealand.

  • CAPT: CAPT trains American and overseas pilots in USA.

  • NMIT: (Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology): NMIT is a technical training institute based in Nelson and Blenheim, New Zealand.

  • ASL :(Aviation Services Limited): ASL provides automated language testing services

  • ICAEA : International Civil Aviation English Association


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